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Our Pizza Menu


The extensive range of Pizza 55 speciality creations guarantee to satisfy anyone's taste and with just 3 prices* what could be easier!

Alternatively create your own choosing from over 20 different toppings, a combination of 5 different base sauces, all topped with mozzarella cheese

Our 10" regular pizza for 1-2 people is only £4.95, our 14" XL pizza for 3-4 people is £7.95 and our 18" supersize pizza for 4-6 people is just £11.95

 *Excludes Steakhouse & Popcorn Chicken Pizzas  



Jump to the list of Pizza 55's own creations or see our toppings to create your own

Classic Pizzas

served on a tomato base



BBQ Bases

served on a smokey BBQ base


Hot n Spicy

served on a spicy chili tomato base



House Specials

served on a tomato base



Steakhouse Pizzas

served on optional tomato or BBQ base

Reg £5.65 | XL £8.95 | SS £13.45



Popcorn Chicken

served on either tomato or BBQ base




Additional Toppings / Create Your Own

served on optional tomato or BBQ base

Prices per extra topping will be added to the price based on your size of pizza

e.g. X-Large Pizza plus 3 additional topping £7.95 + £1.80 gives total price £9.75


Create your own is based on maragrita (either tomato or BBQ base) plus the choice

of 5 different toppings.  You can add additional topping , charged per item

e.g. Supersize Pizza plus 8 toppings £11.95 + £1.80 gives total price £13.75




 Suitable for Vegetarians

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